Shrey Gupta

PhD student @Emory University | Member of CAV Lab and Simbiosys Lab


Atlanta, US



  • [11/1/2022] Attended ACM SIGSPATIAL 2022 conference in Seattle, WA, USA. I am honored to receive the Travel Grant Award!
  • [10/28/2022] Presented my work: "Sampled-Boosting Regression Transfer for Atmospheric Pollution Prediction" as a poster on Georgia Statistics Day 2022.
  • [10/17/2022] Attended ACM CIKM 2022 conference in Atlanta, GA, USA. I am honored to receive the Travel Grant Award!
  • [2/17/2022] Presented my work: "Transfer Learning for Determining PM 2.5 for Data-Deficient Regions" in GRITS'22 Seminar at Emory.
  • Our paper titled, "DALIA- A Comprehensive Resource of Disease Alleles in Arab Population" got published in Plos One Journal.
  • Instructor for the course CS170 (Python Porgramming) for Fall 2020 semester.
  • [2/24/2020] Attended the FAST 2020 conference in Santa Clara, CA, USA. I am honored to receive the Travel Grand Award.
  • Joined the PhD program in the Dept. of Computer Science @Emory University.

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Emory University. I am advised by Dr. Avani Wildani where I work at designing knowledge transfer models for spatio-temporal datasets. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Yang Liu and Dr. Jianzhao Bi, and focuses on improving PM 2.5 predictions for data-deficient regions using domain adaptation and transfer learning. We also analyze how real-world data varies in complexity and the measures affecting their distribution, which in-effect provides insights into how transfer learning algorithms can be made more generalizable.
I also collaborate with Dr. Emily Wall, where I work in the field of human decision making especially looking into the change in belief and knowledge update patterns for individuals as a function of time.
I did my Master's degree at IIIT-Delhi and worked with Dr. Vinod Scaria @CSIR-IGIB during my Thesis.


  • [2022] Belief Decay or Persistence? A Mixed-method Study on Belief Movement Over Time. Shrey Gupta, Alireza Karduni, & Emily Wall. (Under Submission, EuroVis'23)

  • [2022] ISTRBoost: Importance Sampling Transfer Regression using Boosting. Shrey Gupta, Jianzhao Bi, Yang Liu, & Avani Wildani. (Under Submission) [arXiv LINK].

  • [2021] DALIA- A Comprehensive Resource of Disease Alleles in Arab population. Aastha Vatsyayan*, Parul Sharma*, Shrey Gupta, Sumiti Sandhu, Vandana Sharma, ... & Vinod Scaria. (PLOS ONE) [LINK].


When I'm not down the rabbit hole of research, I like to run, read and rhyme (yep, that was intentional). In a previous life, I liked playing soccer. Some might even say I am decent at the game. Some ... not me ;). I always appreciate good coffee and book recommendations. Here are some books that I would recommend:

  • <autobiographies> : [A River in Darkness| Masaji Ishikawa], [Educated| Tara Westover], [Five Chimneys| Olga Lengyel], [When Breath Becomes Air| Paul Kalanithi], [The Choice| Edith Eger], [Born a Crime| Trevor Noah]
  • <ultra-running> : [Finding Ultra| Rich Roll], [Eat & Run| Scott Jurek]
  • <growth/success> : [Can't Hurt Me| David Goggins], [Grit| Angela Duckworth], [Shoe Dog| Phil Knight]